Recommended order of films in the Bourne franchise

Recommended order of films in the Bourne franchise

A series of films featuring Jason Bourne as the protagonist – a character created by writer Robert Ludlum in 1980 – the Bourne franchise has all its movies available on Netflix and Star+, in addition to other streaming platforms. For those who have never seen the titles of the series, there is a chance to finally see its story. To facilitate and inspire this marathon, below you know a little about what else is in store for the plot of the franchise. The correct sequence of your feature films,

The Bourne Identity

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  • History of the Bourne Franchise
  • Tradestone: Spinoff

With five theatrically released sequel films, the Bourne franchise spanned from 2002 to 2016 and just the Bourne LegacyThe fourth film in the series, not starring Jason Bourne (Matt Damon).

Despite it being a production that follows in the footsteps of another character (Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross), the feature film makes a significant addition to the story. And, for most of the plot, it parallels his previous film, The Bourne Ultimatum – the direct sequel to which was mentioned in the last film of the franchise with Matt Damon, jason bourne,

To illustrate this sequence, the table below shows the correct sequence of films in the Bourne franchise, which have the same timeline and release line, although, as noted, their third and fourth films share part of the same. .

thin crust Year Direction streaming
1. Born Identity 2002 Doug Liman Netflix, Star+, Globoplay and Now
2. Bourne Supremacy 2004 Paul Greengrass Netflix, Star+ and Globoplay
3. The Bourne Ultimatum 2007 Paul Greengrass Netflix and Star+
4. The Bourne Legacy (with Jeremy Renner) 2012 Tony Gilroy Netflix, Star+ and Globoplay
5. Jason Bourne 2016 Paul Greengrass Netflix, Star+ and Globoplay

History of the Bourne Franchise

in The Bourne IdentityThe first film in the franchise, We follow the story of a man who was shot in the Mediterranean with no memory of his past. A situation that soon changes, however, when a chip is implanted in her hip, she begins to receive clues as to what her true identity will be.

Besides learning that his name is Jason Bourne and that he lives in Paris, he also learns that he is being hunted by people who want him to die at any cost. And that, without knowing how, he is a specialist in several self-defense skills, which allow him to escape from the hands of those who are chasing him.

Searching for answers about himself and trying to survive by relentlessly ambushing the next sequel films (The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum And jason bourne), while facing dangerous enemies, the character manages to uncover even more details about his life, which makes his path more complicated.

It is noteworthy that in addition to this main story, the Bourne LegacyFrom 2014, we also follow the parallel story of Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner), an agent of a special program at the United States Department of Defense who remains involved with a conspiracy. The Bourne Ultimatum,

The film, in fact, ended without Matt Damon as the actor preferred not to return to the franchise without the presence of director Paul Greengrass, who made room for Jeremy – famous for his role in Archer Hawk in the movies miracle -, could tell its branching conspiracy.

Tradestone: Spinoff

In addition to its entire film series, the Bourne franchise also ended up on TV. In 2019, a prequel series of Plot was created and co-produced by Tim Kring (heroes) for the USA Network subscription channel.

call of Treadstone, its story revolves around the fictional program of the same name which deals with the secret operations of the CIA. This division only works with agents who are actual killing machines, due to a behavior modification treatment they were subjected to and which allows them to become murderers without morality and scrutiny.

Its 10 episodes, which were canceled after its first season, can be seen on Amazon Prime Video.

Recommended order of films in the Bourne franchise

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