Recording of ‘Hit or Run in London’ delayed due to World Cup – Metro World News Brasilla

Recording of 'Hit or Run in London' delayed due to World Cup - Metro World News Brasilla

TV Globo shows this Thursday (14) in “Sesso da Tarde” Movies ,hit or run in london, released in 2003. Features Jackie Chan (“Rush Hour”) and Owen Wilson (“Night at the Museum”).

The film tells the story of Chon Wang (Chan), a former imperial guard of China, who is now the sheriff of the United States. He has a friend, Roy (Wilson), who lives in New York. However, a Chinese rebel kills Chon’s father and flees to England. The two friends meet and go to London to take revenge.

Check out three fun facts about the movie “Hit or Run in London”:

interrupted by the world cup

The majority of the film was shot at Barandov Studios located in Prague, Czech Republic. However, filming was taking place right when the planet Japan/Korea was following the 2002 World Cup – in which Brazil was crowned five-time champions – and this proved to be a problem. This is because filming was frequently interrupted to watch the game, with a good portion of the technical team formed by English. Director David Dobkin was amazed by this attitude.

References to Sherlock Holmes

There are many references to Sherlock Holmes in “Hit or Run in London”. One of them is that the “villain” is called Lord Rathbone. Basil Rathbone was one of the first actors to play Sherlock Holmes in a movie.

Another is that when Artie Doyle tries to break into the Madame Tussauds museum, Roy compares his work to that of a surgeon. This would be a reference to the fact that the real Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the author of the character, is a doctor, although in the film he is a detective.

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More References: Rush Hour

In the scene where Chon Wang (Jackie Chan) fights Rathbone’s guards, they are constantly making sure no priceless ancient urns are broken. This is the same action performed by Jackie Chan’s character in the “Rush Hour” climax.

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