Reese Witherspoon marks 20 years of ‘Legally Blonde’ release

Reese Witherspoon marks 20 years of 'Legally Blonde' release

Reese Witherspoon celebrates 20 years since the release of the film “Legally Blonde” in the United States. The protagonist of the classic romantic comedy film, in which she played law student Elle Woods, the actress shared a series of production photos and spoke about her excitement of starring in the film.

In a post on her social network, Reese talked about the honor of playing student Elle and how happy she is to make this film.

“Oh my god! Legally Blonde debuted 20 years ago today! Time flies when you’re too busy using legal jargon in your daily life. But in reality Elle Woods had the role of a lifetime and I’m honored to share that story with all of you. Every meme, graduation cap, musical number, Halloween costume and ‘Bend and Snap’ in the past two decades has brought me so much joy. .. what will Elle do next?” Reese wrote.

The film tells the story of Elle, who is abandoned by her boyfriend, Warner. Huntington III, who found him too vain, decided to study to prove his intelligence. Elle decides to study law at Harvard University, one of the most prestigious and controversial colleges in the country. There he will meet the boy’s ex-boyfriend and new girlfriend.

The film is a romantic comedy classic and one of the darlings of that time. Elle marked the teen generation and is still remembered today, as in the video for the hit “Thank You Next” (2019) by singer Ariana Grande.

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