Reinsurer says balance of natural disasters in 2021 was extended by US

Reinsurer says balance of natural disasters in 2021 was extended by US

As natural calamity There was more damage in 2021 than in the previous two years, a large part of which is due to incidents we, explained the German reinsurance giant Munich Re.

Worldwide, the 2021 bill increased $280 billion in damages, up from 210 billion in 2020 and 166 billion in 2019, calculated this group in its annual study.

Out of this total, the Sum Assured will increase to . happened 120 billion dollars, according to Munich Re, the highest number since 2017 ($146 billion).

The year was marked by a high proportion of accidents in the United States, with $145 billion in damages, more than half of the total.

Hurricane Ida (in New Orleans, New Jersey and the New York area at the end of August) alone caused $65 billion in damage.

Featheruri winter storm Which paralyzed the south of the country in February and a series of tornadoes with winds of more than 300 km/h in early December, especially in Kentucky (south), also make the list.

around the world, these disasters have caused around 10,000 deaths,

In Europe, the devastating July weather in West Germany killed 220 people and caused 46 billion euros ($54 billion) in damage, of which 11 billion were uninsured.

Between September and December, the eruption of Cumbre Vieja on the Spanish island of La Palma buried 3,000 homes under lava and ash. Of the estimated 850 million euros ($1 billion) in damages, only a small portion was insured.

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