Remains of a giant swan that lived in Australia 45,000 years ago have been found

Researchers discover the skull of a prehistoric “giant swan” in Australiabelongs to an extinct bird that weighed about 230 kilograms and could measure up to two meters in height. This fossil belongs to a species that is 45 thousand to 50 thousand years old Genyornis newtoni.The last known skull of one of these birds was found in 1913.

Appearance exposed

The fossil was found in 2019 in the dry bed of Lake Calabonum, a remote region of southern Australia. 32 cm beyond the skullresearchers found an almost complete fossilized skeleton of the bird. The discovery is the subject of a study published in the scientific journal Historical Biology.

Hey Genyornis newtoniA distant relative of the Australian goose, it had a massive skull as well as large upper and lower jaws. Its physical adaptations allowed it to have a strong bite and the ability to crush soft plants and fruits. The bird lived alongside other giant creatures such as lizards and kangaroos, and co-existed with the first humans who arrived in Australia about 50,000 years ago.

Discovery of well-preserved skull allows scientists to clarify its evolutionary relationship Biology:Genyornis Along with other species, a complex puzzle that is now beginning to be solved. Jacob Blokland, responsible for the scientific reconstruction of the bird, sheds light on the use of modern birds for comparison enabled the accurate reconstruction of the body of Biology:Genyornis. The fossil found in 1913 was very damaged and therefore, until today there was no certainty about the appearance of the bird.

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