Reporter says he works by Tuesday to complete opinion of ICMS PL – Jornal do Oeste

Reporter says he works by Tuesday to complete opinion of ICMS PL – Jornal do Oeste

The reporter of the proposal, which imposes a ceiling on the ICMS rate on energy and fuel, Senator Fernando Bejera Coelho (MDB-PE), told Estadio/Broadcast that he is working to complete the report on the project by next Tuesday, 7 Huh. This Monday, the 6th, Congressman should meet with the President of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG) and the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, to discuss the matter.

“Tomorrow (Monday) I will have a meeting with President Rodrigo Pacheco and then with Economy Minister Paulo Guedes. I am working to complete the report by Tuesday.” Last week, the senator indicated that he intended to advance understanding so that the report could be considered before June 14.

The project approved by the Chamber establishes a limit of 17% for the collection of ICMS, state tax on fuel, electricity, telecommunications, public transport and natural gas. The text classifies segments as “essential and indispensable goods and services”.

Last Thursday, 2, the synergy discussed proposals sent to the Senate with representatives of state finance secretaries. Of these, according to him, it was possible to proceed to at least four, which correspond to the text approved by the Chamber. The points analyzed include the possibility of withdrawal of any kind of compensation for revenue-losing states.

The senator indicated that he felt a willingness to negotiate the issue on behalf of the secretaries, and that he had information on being able to initiate a round of “negotiations” with the economic team and Minister Paulo Guedes. The case is part of an aggressive effort by the national Congress to try to reduce fuel and electricity prices for consumers less than four months before the election.

The agenda should continue over the next few days. The hope is that delegates move forward in the analysis of a bill already approved by the Senate, which provides for a full refund of unfairly charged tax credits to consumers through cuts in energy tariff adjustments.

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