Request Petition with Amber Heard Counters ‘Acumen 2’ Return Petition

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More than a million people have signed a plea petition calling on Warner Bros. Boss to replace Mena Detector after he fired his ex-Johnny Depp from “Fantastic Beats 3”.

Amber Heard Confirmed that she will “respond to her role as me in”Acumen“The sequel, despite the fan petition to hear the side again.

More than a million people have signed the denomination after Warner Bros. bosses requested to replace Amber after she recently beat up her ex-husband. Johnny Depp Her role in the latest “Fantastic Beasts” after her false case against the editors of The Sun newspaper, who called her a “wife-bitter” in a story.

New change.r from the petition “Remove Amber Hair”Akuman 2“Thursday morning (November 12) morning crossed the 1 million signature mark, but Head insisted she was not going anywhere and told Entertainment Weekly that she was ready to return to the Marvel franchise. Is

“I’m really excited about the amount of fan love and admiration that Aquaman has achieved and it’s so exciting for Aquaman and Meera that it means we’ll be back.” Said. Said. “I’m very excited for this movie.”

“Paid rumors and paid campaigns on social media are not scheduled (casting decisions) because they have no basis in reality. Only fans actually happened to ‘Aquaman’ and ‘Aquaman 2’. I’ll start next year.” “The 34-year-old actress insisted.

Meanwhile, the actress is still facing a defamation suit from her ex after she was allegedly abused in a 2019 Washington Post article.

Depp insisted he had never abused his ex, denying all allegations against him. He plans to appeal the UK court’s decision regarding his criminal case.

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