Requires access presentation channel 7 to 500k

Requires access presentation channel 7 to 500k

A court has ruled that Channel 7 and former presenter Simon Reeve have completely different views on whether he was an employee or a contractor when he was crushed earlier this year.

The TV star is suing seven networks and demanding more than ,000 500,000, his lawyer John Laxman told Australian federal court in Sydney on Thursday.

Reeve was last seen Weekend sun In early 2020 and two other jobs worked – the Anzac Day celebrations and the Brisbane Covid-19 ban eased – before he was let go uncomfortably.

The case comes before the court

The 59-year-old has filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging breach of contract and misrepresentation of his job.

Justice Jeffrey Flick asked Mr. Lakshman on Thursday: “What is this misinformation?”

The attorney replied, “From April 2002 until his termination – the applicant’s termination at the end of June this year – Reeve, as defined by law, was in fact an employee of Sat, not an independent contractor, whose characteristic Seven did, ”the lawyer replied.

The judge, presiding over the first case management hearing by video conference, asked: “What kind of money are we talking about if you are a complete success?”

“More than half a million dollars, your honor,” Mr. Laxman later said, adding that it could be up to a million.

The amount also includes unpaid redundancy payments, breach of contract and loss of compensation without rev claims.

Justice Flick said the figure was “fightable”.

“Channel 7 should be well paid,” he said.

Simon Reeve Productions Pie Limited (SRP) is the second applicant on court documents.

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Reeve wants Network Seven and the SRP to declare the agreements in violation of the Fair Work Act as “falsely claiming that Reeve was hired as an independent contractor”.

Yassin Sharif, a barrister for the Sevin Network, described it as “a company set up voluntarily” by Reeve.

He said that in the early stages of the legal process, there would be premature mediation between them, which is being adopted by the parties as “uniformly opposed positions”.

Mr Sheriff said Reeve’s claims were “ambitious”.

Why is the seventh amount received?

Reeve is seeking declarations from Seven that he was an employee by law in accordance with the objectives of the Fair Work Act, that he failed to pay annual leave, failed to give notice and failed to pay unnecessary pay.

“It was an allusion to the ongoing agreement that Sat Reeve would give reasonable notice of termination,” he said in a statement, Received by

“Notice of notice for review was not less than 12 months’ notice of expiration on June 25, 2020, given his age, seniority and length of service.”

It claims that Sat “did not give a revision notice of closure, or did not pay for the notice” and other claims – from 2016 onwards or so – Sat failed to pay him a salary slip “within one day. Performance of paying him, or at all.

Reeve is claiming compensation for 12 months’ pay in return for the termination notice issued by the network, annual leave and compensation for failure to pay interest and expenses.

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He claims to have received emails from Carly Stokes, chairman of the network and billionaire, and Bruce McVilliam, chief operating officer of SevenWest Media, in July 2020, “evidence of being treated as an employee of Seven by seven other executives and employees.” , And “being excluded” as a representative of the truth by using his image in the propaganda material.

In an email on July 3, Stokes described Reeve as “just useless.”

“I’m so sorry,” he said.

The same day, Mr. McWilliam emailed Reeve, saying he was “part of the DNA of this place because I didn’t remember it.”

In another email on July 16, he wrote: “You will leave a big hole because you have been part of the weekend for so long. Without you you would not be the same as you are part of our DNA. ”

Reduce network costs

Reeve has worked with Seven over the past four decades, starting in 1979 as a Perth-based game maker and reporter.

He rejoined the network in early 2000, providing Olympic commentary and hosting quiz shows in 2004 and 2008. Million dollars a minute And children’s play performances This is academic.

On March 16 this year, Weekend sun Producer Matt McGran called the game a “stop service,” according to the statement.

On behalf of the paperwork, Disha claims, “a telephone call was” explicit and verbal. “

He was called Sunrise On June 25 on behalf of executive producer Michael Pell Seven.

“Reeve was notified of the termination of her engagement due to her role, and is no longer required to act by her or anyone else,” Reeve said in court papers filed by Reeve, state. This is stated in the court letters.

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His case will return to court within seven weeks with the defense of any cross-claim and cross-claim filed by that date.

“In other words, if there is to be a cross-claim, let’s get it out,” Justice Flick said Thursday.

“We can reconsider which way to go on November 11.”

He warned the parties that they were “probably going to face mediation”.

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