Resident Evil: 7 Worst Characters

Resident Evil: 7 Worst Characters

Even the biggest franchise in the history of horror games may not be true. Since the first Resident Evil, players have been introduced to really interesting characters, such as Jill, Chris, Leon, Claire and Rebecca, but also to other annoying fellow travelers.

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bottom IGN Brasil The seven worst characters of Resident Evil were selected. Not Playable Only! After all, there are even villains who leave much to be desired in Capcom’s beloved series.

7) Ozwell E. Spencer | RE5

A mad scientist plans to recreate the world with his own ideals. As important as the creation of the legend of Spencer Resident Evil was, the character was underestimated during the game. Even his involvement in the files is more interesting than that brief appearance in Resident Evil 5. Sad, because there were so many possibilities. Perhaps it was better that he never showed Spencer in games and kept Wesker as the main villain forever.

6) Ethan Winters | RE7

In first-person games, the player often feels like a hero. It was actually with Resident Evil 7, whose main character is just a boy who needs to save his girlfriend. His personality has been little or nothing discovered throughout history. And, although he fulfills the task of having the player’s feet in a bizarre reality, perhaps it would be nice … to be a better hero?

5) Billy Coin | RE0

A main character created from all the most basic clichés of the 1990s and 2000s. Billy unabashedly maintains his existence, above all else, and is a partner of Rebecca Chambers, one of the most (mis) games in Racial Evil 0, the series underestimated. . Although the game has many features, Billy is not one of the strongest points. You’ve certainly met many similar characters in other games, films and series.

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4) Morgan Lansdale | RE revelations

A normal villain who tries to deceive everyone and is arrested when he discovers his true intentions. In case you don’t remember it Excellent Villain from Resident Evil: Revelations, don’t worry. Many people probably don’t even know who it is. No matter how many times he cites divine comedy, trying to deceive us with dubious schism, it is not antagonistic.

3) Parker Luciani | RE revelations

Yes! This is the second character in Revelation to appear on the list. And the worst part is, in fact, Resident Evil: Revelations is a great game, but it brings some very weak characters. Parker Luciani is Jill’s partner in his first new game in years, but honestly, why didn’t you put Barry in this man’s shoes?

It’s not that Capcom knew how to deal with those who already exist. Creating other agents fighting against biotourism does not seem to be the smartest idea when too many heroes are already known who exploit extremely poorly.

And we are still waiting for an unprecedented game starring Jill.

2) Ashley Graham | RE4

Honestly, Ashley’s presence on that list is higher by memes than anything. Yes, it is unbearable to hear him screaming “Leon” all the time, but he had a role in the game – and it ended very well. After all, if we don’t have to protect the President’s daughter, the enemies won’t put so much pressure on us.

If you’ve played all the games mentioned in the list so far, you probably miss Ashley more than all the other characters. This is proof that he is a memorable playmate, even if it is very boring.

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1) Carlos Oliveira | RE 3

It is impossible to play Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999), understand what Carlos is saying and still like. Even Jill Valentine was forced to slap Carlos in the face when they were walking together in Racon City.

“I know. You want to ask me. All sexy women like my tone. Make them crazy.” It is one of the most bizarre phrases in the history of the game, considering the context of the apocalypse in which the dialogue takes place.

Of course, the Resident Evil 3 remake caused a much more friendly and enjoyable version of Carlos, but the original character was incredibly awkward. Play again and you’ll notice.

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