Revealed the real reason for the cancellation of the series –

Revealed the real reason for the cancellation of the series -

blind spot Premiered in the United States in 2015. Shortly after, the series was made available here by Netflix. Since then, the series has been considered one of the most controversial hits of recent years on TV. One of the main reasons was the fact that, while the series was repeated countless times, some concepts are well known from other police series.

Still, it managed to make for several plot twists. This, of course, always kept fans hooked to the story and wanted more episodes. Of course, nothing compares to the unique and innovative initial plot.

Actually, blind spot It starts with suspense from the very beginning of its first episode. Anyone who is a true fan of the series will remember the iconic scene of an abandoned bag in Times Square. Inside it was a girl who did not remember anything, but her body was covered with tattoos.

Thus, we see that the FBI has started investigating the matter. Slowly, they learn that the tattoos of a woman named Jane Doe are actually clues to crimes that will still take place. Despite departing from the original base, blind spot It had a total of 5 seasons. Well, if you still have doubts as to why the series ended, here are the answers.

blind spot was cancelled

The sad news about the end of the series was in 2019, when its fourth season was still airing. Several rumors surfaced that NBC would not expand production. The channel that owned the series stated that it had no plans to produce a fifth season and that the cancellation was practically official.

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Reasons to take NBC’s hammer to the end blindspoTea It was simple: low ratings. In the United States, the number of series was dwindling with each episode. Actually, the fourth season was also canceled for almost the same reason.

Although in other countries, such as Brazil, the series presented a return, in the country of origin, the series no longer produced the same return.

That’s where producer Martin Gero came into the picture. Before the broadcaster’s official announcement, Gero went out of its way to make sure blind spot There was an end. Negotiations lasted several days, but eventually Gero was able to acquire NBC and Warner Bros. Produce more episodes.

However, the makers clarified that the final season will have only 13 episodes. Later, NBC shortened production even further, leaving the finale with only 11 episodes. Anyway, it was enough for the producers to reach a proper ending for both Jane and the other characters.

The series ended on time

Image: Promotions/NBC

If, on the one hand, the series could have ended prematurely, the renewal made Martin Gero realize that, blind spot Ended where it needed to end. Thus, for him, the end happened “at the right time”.

In an interview with EW, the producer said:

“It’s the kind of story that should have an ending. Each season, we try to treat it as a different novel in a book series. And that’s a fundamentally different point. The types of missions change, They are not always far behind when it comes to tattoos, although they still play an important role.”

“The stakes got extremely high for the characters with each episode. So we took advantage of having fewer episodes to get to the story faster.”

“Sure, we’re at the point I envisioned. Basically, the plan was always five seasons. At least I knew that, getting here, we’d have these characters run away. This is the final season of the show. Everything is a celebration.”

In Brazil, all seasons of blind spot, are available from Netflix.

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