Review: ‘Ma Rainy’s Black Bottom’ is Chadwick Bosman’s Tragic Swan Song

Review: ‘Ma Rainy’s Black Bottom’ is Chadwick Bosman’s Tragic Swan Song

Sad fans await the final performance in Chaddick Bosman’s “Maa Raniz Black Bottom”, which arrives on Netflix this Friday.

WTO’s Jason Freley reviews ‘My Rainy Black Bottom’

In the coming decades, an entire generation will portray the face of Chadwick Bosman as he plays Jackie Robinson (“42”), James Bra (“Get On Up”), Thurgood Marshall (“Marshall”) and the famous King T Chala of Wakanda. In “Black Panther” (2018).

When he died of cancer this summer at the young age of 43, our earliest memories were of him bathing in the angelic light in Spike Lee’s Vietnam flick “Dr 5 Blood” (2020).

Since then, mourning fans have been waiting for her final performance in “Ma Ryan’s Black Bottom”, which arrived on Netflix this Friday. What a powerful swan song it is, with a once-in-a-lifetime chip on his shoulder, knowing it’s his last dance.

Based on the second of 10 plays by August Wilson’s famous Pittsburgh bicycle, the story is set in Chicago in 1920, where “The Mother of the Blues” Ma Ryane (Viola Davis) performed with bassist Slow Drag (Michael Pitts) and pianist Toledo. Recorded albums (Gline Terman), tromboneist Cutler (Coleman Domingo) and Trumpeter Levy (Bosman).

As the title character, Davis A. Tour de Force, Turning her brand into a major presence affecting sweat under running makeup. On the one hand, she is a sexy diva who strictly orders that she will not perform without Coca Cola. On the other hand, she sympathizes with her hammer nephew, insisting that she play the role.

Davis could have won the Oscars well, having won Denzel Washington’s “Fans” (2018) once before for Wilson adaptation. While she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, she never won Best Actress, which is crazy for the best talent working today. His biggest rival is Francis McDormand (“Noamland”), who has already won twice.

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As great as Davis is, his fire is overshadowed by the cowardly Bosman, who pushes an impossible intensity out of his sore body. It’s hard to see this lovely man dying before our eyes, challenging Levi’s solitude to God as the real bossman shouts, “Why me?” At the door of death.

Bosman is already comparing dead nominees such as James Dean in “Giant” (1956), Spencer Tracy in “Guess Who’s Coming” (1967) and Heath Ledger in “The Dark Knight” (2008). The leader may have been lost if he were alive, not because he didn’t deserve it (he did), but because the academy discriminated against superheroes.

In fact, Hollywood thanked Bosman for inspiring a new respect for the academy’s genre, making “Black Panther” the first Marvel film to be nominated for a Best Picture, and the first to win a Best at the SAG Awards. The film was made.

Unlike Laser’s Joker, Bosman’s Levi is a type of dramatic role that pays attention even if it’s alive. After Peter Finch in “Network” (1976), he hopes to defeat Anthony Hopkins in “The Father” (2020). In fact, Levi is “crazy like hell and won’t let it go.”

Historical performances have elevated “Maa Raini”, a film that is more dramatic than cinematic. The director was George. Wolfe (“Lacavanna Blues”) often relies on Braunford Marcellus’ score to set a claustrophobic tone in one place, easily shutting down in nearby halls or the occasional recording studio in the streets.

In other words, you can say it’s a game. Like the best of theaters, the film is most concerned with its message: white record producers taking advantage of black actors. Ma Renee knows the game well enough to play hardball, while the gullible Levi ruthlessly burns the bridge to a shocking conclusion where his single talent is wasted.

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If you like this theme, stay tuned for Regina King’s “One Night in the Mimi,” (2020) where Sam Cook (Leslie Odum Jr.) explains the importance of upholding the rights of your employers. This is a lesson that Cook learned 40 years after Ma Rainey in the 1960’s.

Like baseball dreams stolen from Troy Maxon’s “Fans”, Levi’s hopes are tragically sank to the “Black Bottom”, but Bosman’s greatness is always frozen on screen.

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