Review | Vivo’s Journey (Netflix Original)

Review |  Vivo's Journey (Netflix Original)

a live day The 2021 musical is an animation and a Netflix Original. The film was directed by Kirk DeMico and Brandon Jeffords and written by DeMico with Quira Alegria Hoods based on a story by Peter Barsochini. The soundtrack was composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is also the original voice of the character Vevo. The original dubbing also features Zoe Saldana, Yanirali Simo, Michael Rooker. Brazilian dubbing includes names such as Italo Luiz, Rodrigo Mialaret, Andreza Massi, Nina Medeiros, Tiago Abravanel.

Vivo is a monkey who lives with Andres in Havana, Cuba. Together they form a musical duo that fills the streets with melody every day. When Andres receives a letter from a famous singer and former crush, Marta Sandoval, the man is delighted to be invited to his final show, and finally tells about his love and the last song she has written for him. plans to show. Vivo isn’t so excited for the trip, after all he’s never left Cuba and the show is in Miami, Florida, but he soon changes his mind when he realizes how important it is to Andrés.

When fate prevents Andrés from finally regaining his love, Vivo will do everything to show Marta Sandoval, her master’s music, to the United States to fulfill Andrés’ wish. Along the way, Vivo strikes up a surprising friendship with young Gabby, the granddaughter of Andrés.

Animation is a great film that entertains while giving an important message about loss and love.

The one who is most mesmerizing out of all the characters is gabic. From the moment she appears on the screen, the young woman steals the scene, being the main comic source of the film.

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Gabby is a witty and sarcastic teenager who pretends to be a slightly crazy teenager, but with a good heart when not reluctant to help. Vivo.

Your development is great, and your friendship with Vivo in particular is so beautiful and fun to watch.

Disha managed to bring out a light film, but it still brings an important lesson and precious moments of reflection. Even though it is an animation, the plot is much deeper than initially expected.

The photography is also beautiful, which makes the film even more special, especially in the musical moments.

Animation Traits are already known signs to a fan of Sony Pictures Animation Animation. The images, especially the sets, are very colorful, as would be expected from an animation, but they are still impressive.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a well-known composer in the music business, having written soundtracks for major productions, such as Moana: A Sea of ​​Adventures, hamilton, in the New York neighborhood, among other productions.

In a live day, Lin-Manuel continues to create songs with melodies and lyrics that captivate audiences, giving this particular soundtrack a Latin touch.

In general, a live day Has an exciting animation with a beautiful story.

And you readers, have you seen the new Netflix animation? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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