Rio Toon Roc’s Muse Toen Rocha Had Pulmonary Embolism, Report Says – Hu

Rio Toon Roc's Muse Toen Rocha Had Pulmonary Embolism, Report Says - Hu

Tuane Rocha (Photo: playback / instagram)

According to a report by the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML), released on Wednesday afternoon (17), the Rio Carnival’s Muse Tuan Rocha died after suffering a pulmonary abortion. Information was confirmed Who By the press office of the civilian police of Rio de Janeiro. She also had a head injury that fell from the bathroom floor of her apartment in Takara, Rio’s west region, where she was found dead on Tuesday night (16).

The 38-year-old samba singer, in addition to being a muse for Sao Clemente, was part of the team of dancers who performed alongside singer Dudu Nobre for nearly a decade – he was one of the team’s leaders. “Tunie was a warrior, a woman who always conquered obstacles, conquered obstacles because she was a very young mother, because she was a revolutionary dreamer … coming back on stage and singing without her presence was very difficult. Would be. That was a person whom I received a lot of love, respect and admiration for, “said Quem from Dudu.

Tuan told his story in the award-winning documentary Bird skins, Of Clara peltier. Pasista was born on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro and became a mother at the age of 12. Jennifer, Now 25, a publicist who lives in Australia.

The short film depicted the turning point in Tunai’s life at the age of 18, which marked the beginning of his career as a Gujarati and performed all over the world.

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