Riverdale reaches episode 100 and secrets will be revealed

Riverdale reaches episode 100 and secrets will be revealed

Riverdale is in its sixth season, being broadcast in Brazil by Warner Channel. The series surprised fans by showing an alternate reality, which should kick off in episode 100. The official teaser for the episode “The Jughead Paradox” was released by the American channel The CW, where the characters are similar to the comics with a new retro look. From Archie Comics.

The fifth episode of the sixth season depicts a Jughead (Cole Sprouse) worried and concerned about the strange events that are hitting the town of Riverdale. The young man will have a mission to discover the truth of what is really happening. The episode will air this Tuesday at 10:30 pm on Warner.

PEN15 is canceled in season two

Comedy Central is announcing the start of the first season of the PEN15 series, however, fans were shocked by the news that Hulu confirmed the cancellation after the end of the second season.

The series is a Hulu comedy starring Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle who live versions of themselves during high school. The rest of the cast is played by teenagers. Maya and Anna are also responsible for writing the episodes to be aired. PEN15 will debut on the Comedy Central pay channel on December 17th.

series for life

It was also canceled in season two. A courtroom drama inspired by the life of Isaac Wright Jr. The plot follows a prisoner who becomes a lawyer, litigating for other prisoners as he struggles to reverse his own life sentence for a crime he did not commit.

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The HBO series was canceled after two seasons. The story revolves around five skater friends who live in New York. The title is a reference to the nickname that some boys give to girls for their “masculine” appearance.

dash and lily

Original series from Netflix that tells the story of two young people who meet during the holiday season. There were eight episodes in total. Netflix opted not to renew the series. Dash (Austin Abrams) and Lily (Midori Francis), two completely opposite people who talk through a notebook. While he doesn’t care much about the holiday season, he is passionate about the atmosphere it creates in many places.


The Disney+/Nat Geo series also failed to surpass the first season. The series chronicles the beginnings of NASA, when the then newly created US space agency “ran against time” to launch its first astronauts into space.

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