Rob Delaney is not afraid of death after losing his 2-year-old son to cancer


The ‘Deadpool 2’ actor was scared to death before the family tragedy in which he and his wife Leah Delaney lost their youngest son Henry to brain cancer in early 2018.

Aceshobiz – Actors Rob Delaney Fear of death has been overcome after losing her two-year-old son.

Deadpool 2“Tara and his wife Leah Delaney Henry passed away in January 2018 after battling brain cancer, and the tragedy that befell Rob’s birthday – which helped assess his feelings for the aftermath of his death.

“I think about dying too much and it always makes me feel good. Like a lot of people I was scared to death,” he shared on BBC Radio 4.

“But not long ago, three years ago, our youngest son, Henry, died of a brain tumor. That’s what happened when he died on the morning of my 41st birthday. The significance of was changed to something bigger and more powerful. ”

“I don’t know where Henry went or what happened to him when he died, did you? But I know that when I die, I will know. In a very short time I had the experience of Henry and he was wonderful. That knowledge gives me peace. I wouldn’t say I can’t wait because I can. ”

Delaney also considered how the loss taught him to be a better father to Leah and her three other sons.

He said, “Henry was not our only son and his death made me love our other daughters no less …

“I don’t know if Henry’s death made me love my brothers any more, but I love them more. Because when I catch them I know what they really are. Like Henry, they are a temporary collection of Sturstst. ”

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“They won’t be here forever. They’re here now and it’s an amazing privilege to hold them, smell them and turn to them.”

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