Robbie Williams has announced that he is forming a new band

Robbie Williams has announced that he is forming a new band

Robbie Williams Has announced that it is forming a new band – but will not include any of its ex Take them Band

The pop star, who began her career in 1990 as part of the British Boyfriend before her famous departure, has now revealed that she is in the process of joining a new group.

Together with a pair of Australian songwriters, Williams said the group known by name has already worked on some of the songs they plan to release soon.

During a recent Instagram Live, he explained: “A small project I’m running with some of my friends, Flynn Francis and Tim Matcalfe. We’re all forming a band.”

“I’m getting songs that won’t be named after Robbie Williams,” he added.

Williams added that the band’s performances are not always in the traditional format, indicating that he expects to host raves at venues during the day to showcase the artwork created in Lockheed.

Williams first quit in 1995. Credit: David M. Bennett / Dave Bennett / Getty Images

“I will do this with my friends. Make a band and what I’m going to do is rent a place, put my art there. It will be a gallery during the day, ”he said. “Then at night I’ll be digging and it’ll be a place of music, some old people will make a murmur.”

He added that he was “very, very excited” about this before making a list of some of the places he hopes to perform at. “I want to do it in Berlin. I want to do this in Tokyo too, “he said. “It simply came to our notice then. Have fun, won’t it? “

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Earlier this year, Williams rejoined Tech That for a once-closed virtual charity show.

Joined forces with the singer Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald for a Lockdown show. The music therapy was to raise funds for the charity Nordoff Robbins and the Crew Nation, which are helping the crew in the event of a coronavirus outbreak.

Meanwhile, Robbie Williams has said he doubts he will land another number one singles in his career.

The singer, who is promoting her new festive song ‘Kent Stop Christmas’, said she doesn’t think she’s the number one contender for Christmas – or for any future entry.

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