Roger Federer is committed to playing Serena Williams

Roger Federer is committed to playing Serena Williams

“We are talking to them [the players] “Every week,” Tilly told Nines Wide World of Sports.

“We are going to have tennis in six weeks. In fact, we will have more tennis programs than ever before.

“We are going to start in mid-December when all the players come; they will do a two-week quarantine in the cities around Australia and in those two weeks we are creating a bubble where they are in a ‘training environment’. , From hotels to courts will be able to participate in it, will not be very different from AFL and NRL and then we hope that the borders will be open. “

The returnable roof in Melbourne Park will allow the arena to be categorized as outdoor settings, which means more fans will be able to participate in this year’s Open.

“Besides, we’ve worked with physical distance requirements, we still have to live up to certain standards, and we’ve worked in an area that could be an arena,” Telly said.

“25 to 50 per cent of what we had before could be crowded anywhere.

“It’s a very outdoor site. The size of the site and the way we can physically distance people will make us enjoy some crowds.”

While Tille expects a normal carnival atmosphere at next year’s Open, he said there will be no experience.

“There’s still going to be music, there’s going to be food, we’re going to have big screens where people can sit and watch but the safety of the community community will be a priority for us and the players.” Said.

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“Of course this is not happening because we have to make sure we are physically able to keep our distance and be safe.

“Roger [Federer] It was publicly confirmed this morning that she will be here, Serena Williams is trying to get a Margaret Court record here so we are happy about the players who will be here and what we will keep. “

Tille said he was encouraged by how the US and French Open tournaments have been able to move forward in the past month.

“In order for them to move forward and succeed in the environment in which they live, in countries where the infection rate is really high, and the US Open was of course not crowded, the small crowded French Open, we have learned a lot. , “He said.

“We’ve been in a lot of contact with them and we’ll definitely see a lot of their success in January. We’re going for everything we think is going to be a great start.


“There will be more tennis programs, not just in Australia, but for people around the world to watch.”

The Victorian government’s public health team will have to figure out how to control crowds at major sporting events during the spring and summer.

Victoria Racing Club has submitted a proposal to the government hoping to host 10,000 people at next month’s Melbourne Cup, while Cricket Australia and Melbourne Cricket Club are pushing for a crowd of up to 30,000 in the Boxing Day Test.

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