Rolling Stone · John Lennon had a missing autobiographical love song; Understand

Rolling Stone · John Lennon had a missing autobiographical love song;  Understand

Due to an error, the track was accidentally put on sale and became a relic among fans

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To promote the band’s film, a hard day’s Night(1964), the The beatles Released a disc with the same name. Was between tracks “if I fell,” Is one of the first love songs of John Lennon. However, the composition was lost due to an error in album sales. Information is there Express UK.

According to the website Beatles BibleThe song was recorded with an extended version “Tell me why.” The initial idea was to export vinyl outside the UK, but it was accidentally shipped to British stores. Before being taken off the shelves, all the stock was sold, making it one of the rarest discs Beatles.

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“if I fell” was written by Lennon In February 1964, a few months before the film’s premiere, it was released in July of the same year. In an interview with journalist David chef, 1980, the singer explained how the track influenced later compositions.

“This was my first attempt at writing a song. It was a precursor ‘In my life.’ It has the same chord sequence as D, B Minor and E Minor, “he said. He also acknowledged having a connection with music:” It is semi-autobiographical, but not consciously. It shows how I wrote silly sentimental songs and love songs a long time ago. “

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Despite being considered “silly” by LennonThis track became historic for fans of Beatles. Even today for a very short time, the vinyl version is very difficult to find. Although it is not One The main band at that time, “if I fell” Reached 53rd place in Billboard Hot 100 Us the United States.

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