‘Round 6’ also inspires coffins in a funeral parlor

‘Round 6’ also inspires coffins in a funeral parlor

That ‘Round 6’ is a success, no doubt about it. But didn’t products with references to the original South Korean series Netflix go too far? A funeral fair in Spain features a production-inspired version of the grave, among coffin models presented to consumers.

The event takes place in the city of Valencia and is called Funermostra. The fair being held this week includes various funeral products. Apparently, the public turned its attention to black coffins, rectangular and pink ribbons, forming a bow.


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Arque is the manufacturer of the coffins to be displayed at the Spanish Fair. But, it’s not the only company trying to sell a version of something in the series to the public.

A United Kingdom company put up a group of 40 people to compete for a prize of 500 euros, approximately R$3,300, quoted this Friday (22), with the European currency quoted at R$6.56. Trials promise to get closer to production without putting participants at risk.

The ‘Round 6’ series is a global success. Image: YoungQ Park/Netflix

‘Round 6’ premiered on Netflix on September 17. The series reveals that financial problems caused 456 contestants to seek a prize of $45.6 billion in a game filled with deadly children’s games worth approximately $208.5 million. Created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the series took nearly a decade to get off the ground and be produced.

In late September, Netflix released the platform’s full list of the platform’s most-watched original movies, series, and shows during a presentation at the Code Conference 2021 event. It may become the Korean service’s most-watched original production among films and series.

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