Round 6: The Road Sign creates confusion for the series’ similarity in the UK, and even the police speak up; come and see!

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Oof! With the tremendous success of Netflix’s “Round 6,” fans of the series are looking for connections and signals hidden in the production. In light of this, a UK police department saw the need to rule over a road sign across the country that some have begun to link to the South Korean chain.

Police officers from the Thames Valley, British Territory, issued a note on social media to talk about the coincidence. In Netflix’s plot, participants of the dangerous game – which could leave the winner a millionaire – receive a small card with a triangle, a square and a circle on it.

It turns out that a local road in the UK Valley has a similar sign for “Round 6”, with the same symbols represented. In real life, however, the images serve to alert drivers to changes in flow as they work on the road.

The UK board gave theories to “Round 6” fans. (photos: reproduction)

We can confirm that this signage at the M4 interchange in Thames Valley will not lead you to the popular Netflix series ‘Round 6’. It only indicates alternate routes during track work… Oh!“, mocked the police department in a post on this Tuesday (12). The image of the board went viral on social media, generating curiosity and fans creating theories. Could it be that the so-called “potato chip 1,2 There were too many people trying to find the ,3” doll? Hahaha:

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Revealed the budget of the series

A few weeks after its September 17 premiere, “Round 6” became the most-watched content in Netflix history, garnering 111 million viewers – easily overtaking the previous title holder, “Bridgeton”, which had 82 in the first season. Million users watched. release.

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Characters Cho Sang Woo Seong Gi Hoon and Abdul Ali in Squid Game
In “Round 6”, 465 people facing financial problems are invited to participate in a tragic and mysterious game whose prize is heaps of money. (Photo: Disclosure/Netflix)

The undeniable and sudden success of the South Korean work, however, came as a major surprise to its producer, screenwriter and director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, who, under a $21.4 million budget to get “Round 6” from the paper. Worked with. . According to Bloomberg, each episode of the series cost approximately $2.4 million, a far less amount than productions like “The Crown” and “Stranger Things,” which required $10 million and $8 million per episode, respectively. it occurs.

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