Rui Moreira: “UK is calling for external risks, when the greatest risk” is internal

Rui Moreira: "UK is calling for external risks, when the greatest risk" is internal

TVI24 commentator Rui Moreira admitted he was not too surprised by Britain’s decision to remove Portugal from the Green List of countries where it is safe to travel.

“What has happened in the United Kingdom is that the pandemic situation suddenly worsened with a 40% increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in a span of one week”, underlines the mayor of Porto. This “throws the country into numbers that have not been known since March” and led to a reaction from conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson in what Rui Moreira calls “a generally English attitude”, which says “evil comes from the outside”. comes”.

“The UK is calling for external threats when the bigger risk is England.”

Rui Moreira believes this is “another defensive position of failure in the British fight against the pandemic”.

The English were in a tizzy in disbelief and Portugal ended up with broad beans”., he says, noting that there were only two European countries on the UK green list: Portugal and Iceland.

Thus, Rui Moreira believes that the decision was taken “more for reasons endogenous to the British than what happens in Portugal” and argues that neither the Prime Minister nor the Minister of Foreign Affairs could have stopped it. “The British don’t care about Portuguese diplomacy

Will Porto celebrate Sao Joao?

In his weekly commentary space on TVI24, Rui Moreira also addressed the controversy surrounding the celebration of the popular saints in Porto.

The mayor explains that what is happening in the city has no comparison with the usual celebrations of popular saints: “The city council does not promote fireworks, music or dance”, Ensures.

However, about two-and-a-half months ago, entertainment associations asked for authorization to organize some events in the city, which was allowed on the condition that there was a safety plan authorized by the Directorate General of Health.

Once the DGS’s permission was granted, the municipal executive provided three locations in the city and backed 200 thousand euros – which was approved unanimously.

The event is already underway and will continue for the entire month of June. According to Rui Moreira, the blanks operate “between 12 and 22.30, in a completely quiet manner” and follow all the rules: spaces are sealed, alcohol gel, temperature measurement, maximum capacity, use of masks, Constant cleaning.

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