Russia vs Australia Live (0-0) | 01/04/2022

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04:35 2 minutes ago

Broken Duckworth!

Safiullin won four games in a row and now it is his turn to serve the set at 5/6.

04: 31h to 6 min

all the same

Russian service confirms. 5/5 in the first set

04: 27 hours to 11 minutes

Service lost!

Broken Duckworth to serve on set! 5/4 and serve the safiullin!

04: 22h to 16 mins

Safiullin confirms

5/3. Duckworth Saka Para O Set.

04:17 20 minutes ago

an um game do set

The Australian confirmed his serve game and was 0.5/2. There is a set to open at 1 set

04: 12h to 25 mins

the break!

Duckworth hurled abuses, open strikes and broke Safiulin’s serve. 4/2 And serve him.

04:07 30 minutes ago

duckworth confirmation

The Aussie faces a nearly 40-40 draw, but pays off the job. 3/2.

04: 06h to 31 mins

long game

Two players have difficulty verifying their services and games take a long time to complete

03: 59h to 38 min

same on set

Safiulin confirmed. 2/2.

03:56h to 41 min

The break is back!

In a game longer than ten minutes, Safiullin repaid the damage. 2/1 And serve him.

03:45 an hour ago

the break!

Safiullin saves two break points but fails to save the third. Duckworth front. 2/0

03:39 an hour ago

serve confirm

Duckworth lost only one point and ended the service game with an ace. 1/0

03:31 an hour ago

players on the court

Safiullin and Duckworth are already heating up

02:55 2 hours ago

in the second conflict

02:44 2 hours ago

Good morning

Let’s go together to the confrontation between Russia and Australia. 1st game: Safiullin (RUS) vs Duckworth (AUS). From 3:30.

9 hours from 20:05

How and where to watch the Russia-Australia clash live

In addition to real time here in VAVEL Brasil, duel between Russia x Australia Live broadcast will be done by Bandsports channel

20:00 9 hours ago

When is the Russia vs Australia match and how to follow LIVE?

19:55 9 hours ago


19:50 9 hours ago

Russia and Australia in ATP Cup

19:459 hours ago

atp cup history

In its two editions played to date, the ATP Cup has Serbia What the champion In 2020 It is on Russia win in 2021, The first faced Spain in the final and won by two games, while the second won a 2–0 victory over Italy in decision.

19:359 hours ago


19:25 to 9 hours


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