Russian Roman Abramovich’s wealth includes over 70 properties, valued at R$1.6 billion – Small Business Big Business

Russian Roman Abramovich's wealth includes over 70 properties, valued at R$1.6 billion - Small Business Big Business

The wealth of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is yet to be disclosed. This Tuesday (22/3), a report in The Guardian reported that the elite own 53 luxury houses in the United Kingdom. Along with 17 other commercial properties and land, the properties are valued at over £250 million (R$1.6 billion).

Roman Abramovich (Photo: Alexander Hasenstein – UEFA / Contributor / Getty Images)

Billionaire known for owning football team Chelsea Football Club, which is valued at £3.1 billion (R$20 billion). Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the British government sanctioned Abramovich, who was banned from being the director of the team, which he has owned since 2003. Now, he is weighing offers to buy the team.

according to this daily mailIn England, it was believed that the billionaire’s only residence in England was a £150 million mansion next to Kensington Palace (Prince William’s official residence) and a bulletproof penthouse next to the Prince’s headquarters. Chelsea, who is worth 22 million pounds (R$ 143 million). , He will also own yachts, private jets, helicopters and cars, which are worth a total of £1.2 billion.

This Tuesday, a publication by the press consortium Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, from which Guardian Part, reported that he owns 41 apartments in Chelsea Village, a £50 million (R$326 million) complex including a penthouse.

According to the consortium investigation, he has assets worth £200m across Europe and the US, as well as two Cyprus-based trusts worth £1.3bn. The houses would be the Château de la Croce, in the Cte ​​d’Azur region in France; Tropez, a village near St.; A farm in Aspen and a hotel in Tel Aviv.

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The billionaire’s Russian assets are uncertain, but the custody of his company Milhouse Capital has more than $760 million, which includes the Four Winds Plaza office building, an office and a block of residences in Moscow, as well as the Crystal Hotel.

The findings about Abramovich and other Russian billionaires call into question the effectiveness of sanctions enforced by NATO countries in retaliation for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, such as attempts to freeze bank accounts and seize their residences in the country, because of their wealth. is spread across the country. World.

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