Russian state TV threatens to destroy Britain’s ‘ruff’ with new missile – Mone

Russian state TV threatens to destroy Britain's 'ruff' with new missile - Mone

Vladimir Putin and a Sarmat missile next to presenter Vladimir Solovyov at an event in May 2016 (Photo: Getty Images/Reproduction)

Journalist and Russian State Channel presenter Vladimir Solovyov, considered one of the main spokespersons for Russian President Vladimir Putin, threatened to wipe Britain off the map with a Sarmat missile. The Sarmat is being seen by the Russian authorities as one of the great weapons created by local scientists over the years. With an intercontinental range, it is capable of carrying 10 to 15 thermonuclear warheads with an estimated power of destruction of three megatons.

Solovyov’s speech was reported by the newspaper New York Post: “Sarmat could mean a lesser UK. Because they were grossly gross.”

Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyov (Photo: Getty Images)

Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyov (Photo: Getty Images)

When reporting the journalist’s remarks, the American press called him “Putin’s voice.” The speech comes amid rising tensions between Russia and supporters of NATO member Ukraine, Ukraine, since the start of the Russian invasion of the country.

A few weeks ago, in another televised debate on the Russian State Channel, on how to deal with Sarmat’s destructive power, local analysts said such a missile would be capable of destroying New York.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo: Getty Images)

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo: Getty Images)

The same New York Post states that one of the presenters said: “If 7.5 megatons were thrown into the grounds of our so-called partners, and the word ‘partner’ is too important, a city like New York, a big city, would be destroyed. “.

The commentator later said: “Totally destroyed with one rocket. Absolutely nothing will survive. So it’s better not to use it. Americans have always been afraid of our missiles.”

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Russian military bombing Ukraine's capital Kyiv (Photo: Getty Images)

Russian military bombing Ukraine’s capital Kyiv (Photo: Getty Images)

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