Said – Egypt wants to keep Queiroz, which is… an option for Australia (Egypt).

Said - Egypt wants to keep Queiroz, which is... an option for Australia (Egypt).

Carlos Queiroz still has a chance, after all, to become the first Portuguese coach to appear in four consecutive World Cup appearances. After a failed chance to do so for Egypt, the day after the elimination at the feet of Senegal, which also inspired the 69-year-old coach’s farewell speech at the end of the match, behold, a new door opened to the horizon that would allow Queiroz to do so. Could have taken it to the target … under the command of Australia.

The footballers, who play in the play-offs for the World Cup in June, will first face the United Arab Emirates and, if they win, face Peru, are about to fire Graham Arnold, who has made only seven appearances in the past. Have won a game, and look for a solution that can prepare the team for these challenges in two months.

Carlos Queiroz’s name was already mentioned in the Australian press yesterday as one of the lines of succession and, one Bola found, the Portuguese are also on the list of candidates for the position, as are Marcelo Lippi, Joachim Lo, Marcelo Bielsa and Tony Popovic. Australians are looking for someone who knows Asian and South American football well as they face opponents in the play-offs and, moreover, who have already qualified for more teams to participate in the World Cup. has prepared. Requirements that Queiroz easily meets.
However, Egypt is not yet ready to let Queiroz go. The coach’s contract was valid until the end of the World Cup, if he had qualified, or until the end of this month, which is why Queiroz gave his farewell speech after the match in Senegal. In the post-match conference, he declared, “It is time to leave this position to another coach.”

However, only yesterday the Portuguese coach met with representatives of the Egyptian federation, who expressed their desire to put him on top of the pharaohs. Will have to see if the dream of going to Qatar does not get stronger…

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