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Carlos Sainz believes he had the most disappointing weekend of his career (Photo: Ferrari)

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Carlos Sainz had a Ferrari in hand that survived in Australia, but was unable to convert it into a positive result. Starting only in ninth place after a poor performance in qualifying, the Spaniard initially had problems with the steering wheel and fell on the grid.

Trying to regain lost position, Sainz made a mistake at Turn 9 and landed in the gravel while trying to overtake Mick Schumacher. For all the anticipation that was created, the Ferrari driver believes the Australian GP could be the most disappointing weekend of his racing career. formula 1,

“It’s a hard question to answer because I don’t remember all my other 100-odd races exactly formula 1, So it’s hard to say if it was my worst, but it was definitely a weekend that looked like it was going to be good,” Carlos said in Melbourne after the race.

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Sainz left the race after a mistake at the start (Photo: Reproduction / F1 TV)

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“I seemed more used to the car, and I was doing competitive laps over the weekend. But things turned out to be, yes, one of my most frustrating weekends. formula 1”, said the Spaniard.

What’s left for Sainz is inspiration and learning to take away from the Albert Park weekend. Now, 38 points behind Leclerc in the drivers’ standings, the owner of car #55 will need the right race to step into the title fight.

“The important thing is that I learned from it, and as a team we learned too. In every way to be more perfect, stronger, stronger, and bear in mind that there are still 20 races to go and anything can happen. We can only use this weekend to reinvent ourselves, to make sure we learn from it that there are 20 full races”, said the Ferrari driver.

Carlos returned to the tracks for Sainz formula 1 At the Imola GP, which takes place on April 24.

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