Sam Elliott Explodes Dogs Attack and Netflix Reboots: ‘Piece of Shit’

Sam Elliott Explodes Dogs Attack and Netflix Reboots: 'Piece of Shit'

Actor Sam Elliott, 77, who was responsible for starring in several Western films throughout his career, exploded from leader of Netflix and Oscar nominations in the acclaimed feature film “Attack of the Dogs,” and even That also criticized the director of production, Jane Champion. Due to the fact that he is not from the United States, but from New Zealand.

In an interview with the “WTF with Marc Maron” podcast, Elliott expressed his displeasure with the film due to the fact that it has molded Westerns into the people he knows and has acted in. Still, the artist called Netflix’s work a “piece of crap.”

For example: The actor didn’t like that Netflix feature, adapted from a book written by Thomas Savage and published in 1967, alluded to topics such as homosexuality. In the universe of “Attack of the Dogs”, protagonist Phil Burbank, played by actor Benedict Cumberbatch, suppresses his sexual orientation, precisely in the context in which he is set.

In addition, Sam Elliott also criticized the lack of scenes in which Cumberbatch appears on horseback, saying he took it personally. “Where’s the western in this western? I took it personal, dude.”

In the end, the cast questioned the fact that Jane Champion would have been chosen to direct the Western film if she had been born in New Zealand and not the United States.

“She’s a fantastic director. I love her previous work. But what does this New Zealand woman know about the American West? And why was shooting the movie in New Zealand so crap, call it Montana and say, ‘This How is it. What was it?”, he asked angrily.

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After a response to Sam Elliott’s lines, Netflix countered the actor with a line from the character Rose Gordon, played by Kirsten Dunst, in which she says Phil is “just a man, just another man.”

Critically acclaimed, “Attack of the Dogs” has been an awards season sensation this year. The film topped the 2022 Oscar nominations with 12 nominations, and is one of the favorites to take home the statuette for “Best Picture.”

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