Samsung Galaxy S21 comes with a charger … only in China

Samsung Galaxy S21 comes with a charger ... only in China

After seeing that free AirPods headphones were offered to buyers in India iphone 11, Now we find out that in China Samsung wakes up with an extra accessory While buying Galaxy S21 phone. 3 phones in this range have been offered on pre-order starting this week, and there is a special offer in Chinese.

As you know, 3 new smartphones come in the box without charger and headphones. However, in some markets, Samsung has decided to offer Basic model S21 However with a charger. The South Korean company will hold a press conference on 18 January, announcing prices for China and local special offers. Several potential Chinese buyers asked Samsung customer service representatives about the S21 series in-box charger. That representative confirmed that the S21 would have a loaded charger, However, without mentioning details about the S21 + or S21 Ultra.

This could be a mistake on his part, or a bonus for the public in the most populous country in the world. It must be said that before the presentation of the 3 phones, they were re-certified by the 3C authority on 8 January. S21 Kept your data, but S21 + and S21 Ultra Changing the charger from “standard” to “OptionalThe Hong Kong version of the Galaxy S21 already has pricing and other details and comes with a charger instead.

The other two models received nothing like this. Personally, I expect many retailers and operators to collect bonus chargers in many countries around the world.

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