Sanchez highlights Spain’s potential for major US investors – 07/21/2021

Sanchez highlights Spain’s potential for major US investors – 07/21/2021
NEW YORK, July 21 (EFE) — President Pedro Sánchez of the Spanish government spoke to representatives of the main investment funds and financial institutions in the United States in New York this Wednesday about the European country’s potential to offer a one for your operation. destination.

Sanchez began an economic tour of the US in Manhattan, which also includes commitments in Los Angeles and San Francisco, in which he seeks to detail Spain’s expectations for its economy’s recovery, transformation and resilience plan after the Covid-19 pandemic. Huh.

Following an interview with the “MSNBC” broadcaster, the head of the Spanish government met with senior executives from investment groups and other institutions at the headquarters of Spain’s Office of Economy and Trade in New York.

Sanchez said the pandemic should serve as an opportunity to modernize and digitize the Spanish economy. While insisting that the recovery plan will transform the country, he also sees it as an opportunity for foreign investors.

In addition to this meeting, Sanchez’s agenda in New York included two others of particular relevance: a working lunch with businessman and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a meeting with Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, the world’s largest fund manager.

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