‘Saturday Night Live’ Deliver ‘Dion Warwick Talk Show’ Sketch

'Saturday Night Live' Deliver 'Dion Warwick Talk Show' Sketch

Famous singer Dion Warwick tweeted, “Canon Thomson has been on SNL as long as I’m alive. A very talented and funny young man “on the early evening of December 12, which seemed like a prediction that she would appear on that night’s episode of the NBC late night sketch comedy series. And that she met artist member Ego Navodim As a sketch of a “Dion Warwick talk show”.

The basis of the sketch was that Warwick’s talk show furthered the pulse of his tweet: online Online He asked questions like “Hi, @Chainsetherper”. If you’re obviously a rapper, why did you name it after your stage? Meanwhile, in a talk show sketch, he asked the questions “Who are you?” And “How do I know you?” Haley Styles (played by guest host Timothy Challemet), “You look scary, can you put a hex on Wendy Williams for me?” To Billy Ilish

Warwick and Williams’ recent feud took a lot of sketch real estate, as he asked his guest Timothy Chalmet (played by Chloe Feynman) to open his phone to send a “clapback” to Williams, who used Warwick in real life. Was last week’s arrest and tweet as material for his own talk show earlier this week.

At the end of the sketch, Navodim’s Warwick asks him to check under his seat, but there is nothing, because, “I owe you nothing.”

Navodim is not the only “SNL” player to portray Warwick: Former cast member and this season’s guest star Maya Rudolph has been spotted shooting a song for an episode of Tina Fei and Robert Carlock’s “Unbroken Kimi Schmidt” Stepped into. “

“Saturday Night Live” airs Saturday nights from 30 to 11 p.m. / 8:30 pm NBC And broadcasts directly from the coast to the coast.

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