Scarlet Witch collectible to be sold in America

Scarlet Witch collectible to be sold in America

According to a publication of the website O Vício, the company Sideshow Collectibleswhich works in the field of toys and collectibles based on movies, announced that it is developing a miniature of Scarlet Witchinspired by the look of the film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The art was created based on the scene where the character is using Darkhold to summon Chaos Magic.

The publication on the Brazilian website also stated that the product will cost around US$320 and is already on pre-sale on the official website of the brand. However, there is still no forecast for sales in Brazil.

See picture below:

Scarlet Witch Toy Image (Reproduction/Twitter)

Writer Hints That Doctor Strange Will Find A New Love In The MCU

It Looks Like Doctor Strange’s Story With Christine Palmer Is Really Over Doctor Strange 2Now that the girl is married and she finds out that the two of them have a hard time living together in other realities as well.

Now that the protagonist will need to move on with her love life, actress Charlize Theron’s involvement in the role of Klee makes a lot of sense in the film’s first post-credits scene, which introduced her to the film. Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In an interview he gave to screenwriter Vanity Fair Michael Waldron It made it clear that Klee would have a lot of meaning in Strange’s life in the upcoming movies and that it would be the perfect time for him to let go of his fear of loving someone else.

“we had to Complete Your Story with Christine Palmer, To that end, Strange leaves with that knowledge. He was able to face his fears and was not afraid to love someone or make someone fall in love with him. I think it’s the perfect place for him to mentally meet Klee, who would be a very important figure in your life from now on.”

“I think we cast Charlize before we even knew what we were going to do. So we sort the opening end of our third eye, then reach Strange, and you have Your sinister camp-style ending – oh-my-god ending.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Released in Brazilian cinemas.

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