Scunthorpe United 0-1 Bolton Wanderers – Big match decision

Scunthorpe United 0-1 Bolton Wanderers – Big match decision

The researchers celebrated a fourth victory on the spin because of a quality performance that matched the standard of their rescue operations.

Ian Iwat’s side may be surprised at how the win wasn’t so comfortable because of his overall dominance.

But after Skuntorp took advantage of Bolton’s first-half expertise to end the opening period strongly, the reaction was impressive, and a sure sign of a growing confidence.

Peter Cuso’s goal difference was, and he was able to win a game.

After starting to move automatically at half-line, he then took the ball back to Nathan Delfonso and threw it into the bottom corner.

And it was no more than they deserved.

Bolton made a brilliant start, winning a corner from a kick-off that would have disappointed Ryan Delaney’s delivery after Ali Crawford’s delivery to the nearest right post.

Ian Doyle must have been so disappointed that shortly after testing former Irish striker Mark Howard in the Iron Goal, when Jacob Bedoun misunderstood the long ball and it bounced lovingly for the in-form striker, but his The shot went over the bar.

Bolton made on their positive opening and Kyuso delivered a dangerous ball into the box. It only needed a little touch on the left post, but Gathin Jones couldn’t get the connection needed to run it home and instead it got wider.

Another disappointment came when Doyle came under a challenge. When Doyle controlled Crawford’s pass in the box, a large fine appeal fell on deaf ears.

Skuntortorp made 10 minutes into the game for the first time, but junior Brawn Brown’s effort was so far away that it was out for a throw-in and Bolton were forced to make a good save from Howard with their home side Anthony Cersevik. Strike after throwing to the right.

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The former bowler bounced off the ball in front of the man, which he did well to continue, creating another brilliant save, which he later failed to refuse after being hit by Delfoneso’s right foot. Doyle was ready and willing to hit any flips or rebounds, but Howard didn’t let the ball loose.

The striker’s frustration showed that he had time and other options when he came to see an opportunity. But he was a threat to the home side, constantly going into good areas and using the confidence of his latest scoring series.

But without a goal to show their possession and pressure, it allowed Scanthorpe to advance into the game, and after Abu Isa approached a free kick around the half-hour mark, Iron finished with half the force.

The home team, led by former Bolton defender Ian Cox, looked particularly dangerous on set pieces and when Isa rolled another delivery in the box it needed an experienced head of address Baptist to provide security with a headline. To move forward.

From the corner, Emmanuel Onarias Bedio was unlucky to miss the target with a definite header after the shock.

Despite the first half hour of bossing, perhaps the Wanderers were relieved in the dressing room that they got a goalless break with the late promotion of Skantorp.

Ewat didn’t need to warn of the consequences of missing prospects, he’s been hurt by them before this season, and he started the second half with renewed vigor.

Crawford made a brilliant delivery but missed it all in a packing penalty box.

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But it was a sign of things to come, although they had some defenses to do first, which Ricardo Santos did well.

From there, Kyuso picked up the ball halfway through and started the move, which he completed. Wideman fed Delfunesso, who left the ball to two defenders before returning to the wing, who threw Howard backwards.

Matt Gilks ​​made some good saves to save the lead – one came down to his left from Isa, the other was a cross-shot from Joan McTee who threatened to fall under the bar – but his role was one of managing, if not more. Organize everyone in front of him.

Kioso could have kept the result beyond doubt with a free title, but Bolton had plenty of points regardless of the win.

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