See who can return to Master Trick 3 and who can be the villain

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While mastering the stellar cast, the master’s move is extremely fun. Despite having many loose ends and unresolved plot points, the film makes for an exciting experience with its police suspense tone, commendable performance and, at times, its paranormal fun.

Although the first film received mixed reviews, it was a huge financial success, raising $ 350 million worldwide.

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Given the success of the first film, it is no surprise that it inspired the sequel. Although the sequel was not as well received as its predecessor, it still managed to earn $ 65 million in the United States and $ 94 million in China (where its second act took place).

Once again, the film faced mixed reactions, but fans were happy to learn that a third part was underway. Rumors about the cast of Master Trick 3 will make the audience even more excited for the next sequel.

Prior to the release of Trick Master 2 in 2016, its sequel was confirmed. Simultaneously, John M. Chu (Podres de Ricos) was set as in charge, with Benedict Cumberbatch enlisting his star-studded cast, according to Business Star.

Possibly the antagonist, Benedict Cumberbatch seems like the perfect actor for the film, given his role as Doctor Strange, MCU’s famed magician. However, Lionsgate has not made any further news of its involvement in the years following the initial announcement.

One of its main attractions is the glamorous cast of the Master Trick film series. This is part of the reason that it is very likely that most of the main cast will return for the sequel.

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The main cast of the film is still in wraps. However, in a recent interview, Jessie Eisenberg showed interest in re-creating her role as Daniel Atlas.

In addition, even Lionsgate confirmed that the film’s screenwriter, Eric Warren Singer (Cheat), “introduces new characters to the world, creating opportunities for the original cast to recreate their roles.” Giving. “

Master Trick and its sequel are now available on Netflix. Still no third film has a release date.

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