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Blindspot ends after season five. In Brazil, the series is successful for four years on Netflix – and will still receive previous episodes.

Initially, in 2020 producer Martin Gero cited the reason for the cancellation. The producer told Collider that this was the plan for the series.

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However, there is information that goes against it. The real reason for the cancellation of blind spot may be different.

“The ending is very much what I thought it would be exciting. When you have a five-year plan, at first the levels of detail are not clear as far as you can go. We knew that in the fifth season they would be running away and we had a vague idea of ​​what the final moments would be.

After the end, the figures were revealed by the international press. They can tell what actually happened to end Blindspot.

Contrary to Zero’s confirmation, the end of Blindspot may be due to the audience. The show shows a steady decline in numbers in the United States.

The final season averaged 1.93 million viewers. The number for the fourth year is less than 31%.

At the same time, the aforementioned fourth season lost 13% of viewers compared to the previous year. There were already rumors of the cancellation of Ponto Sego at that time due to the number of viewers.

Even though it was a hit on Netflix, the series was from NBC. Thus, the broadcaster took into account the audience that was won in the United States.

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If this reason is confirmed in the future, it could be good news for fans. Blind Spot can work very well for a streaming platform.

Blindspot (Blind Spot) stars Jamie Alexander and Sullivan Stapton. It all starts when Jane, a mysterious woman, is found in the middle of New York with a body full of tattoos with memories and with messages.

The fifth and final season has already been shown in the United States. There is still no forecast for Netflix.

The streaming platform has four seasons of Blindspot – Ponto Sego.

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