Selena Gomez shared what she learned from Blackpink while doing makeup with Nekti Tutorial Torials.

Selena Gomez shared what she learned from Blackpink while doing makeup with Nekti Tutorial Torials.

Selena Gomez With YouTube star Nikki Tutorial Torials (Nikki De Jagar) talking about life and rare beauty through a fun virtual makeup session uploaded to De Jagar’s YouTube channel over the weekend.

In a split screen from their own home, the pair, in collaboration with Beauty TB, applied the same makeup look using both Gomez’s new makeup line and De Jazer’s eyeshadow palette.

And while Gomez was excited to share all of his new makeup products, he was also in a hurry. Blackpink, Which he recently co-authored with “Ice Cream”.

When de Jarre asked Gomez what advice she would give to K-pop stars as a veteran pop singer, the “Lose You to Love Me” artist admitted, “I think I will learn a lot more from them.”

“The ethics of their work is something I’ve never seen before and I would like to say that I work hard,” he added. “When I talked to them and met them, I found that they are very disciplined and they are so talented that there is nothing that they do not try to do. They were great and I miss them. “

About the rare beauty, Gomez explained that she had been “working on it for two years and the reason I wanted to make it was because it was a place I wasn’t familiar with but it was a great way to connect with people.” There are those who feel the pressure of this world, especially in makeup. “

“You can see that a lot of people are affected and feel pressured to look at a particular look,” he added. “I just wanted to say, ‘I want to do this, as long as I can make people feel comfortable in this thing and something that is simple but special.’ I don’t want to be a contestant or a celebrity with anyone. I want my makeup to stand out on its own. I think it’s a really good product, and I think that’s what we’re doing with mental health and we That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

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Watch the full video below with the tutorial tutorials below.

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