Senate approves emergency PEC, deadlock with India and over 4 March

Senate approves emergency PEC, deadlock with India and over 4 March

The Senate’s second round of emergency PEC approval, criticizing President Zayed Bolsonaro’s restrictive measures against Kovid-19 and deadlock with India that delayed sending 4 million doses of the Oxford vaccine, highlights some of them this Thursday Night of, March 4, 2021.


President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) criticized the restrictive measures to prevent the spread of new coronaviruses. During an event at Goias, the president categorized a re-closure of non-essential activities and asked: “How long will you cry?”


The Senate approved the Emergency PEC in the second round and the text went to the Chamber’s plenary, where it needed the support of 308 of the 513 deputies, in two votes, to be approved. The proposal paves the way for a new round of emergency aid payments.

More beds

Federal Supreme Court (STF) Minister Rosa Weber determined that the federal government immediately restores ICU beds for patients with Kovid-19 in Piau. The units were shut down in January by the Ministry of Health.

The dose

A new standoff with India delays sending 4 million ready doses of the Oxford vaccine to Brazil. Determination of Cnn It is said that this change happened due to diplomatic reasons. The Government of India wants to prioritize vaccination of the population, before sending doses to other countries.

Caso Mariel

The Rio de Janeiro public ministry formed a task force to investigate the deaths of Meryl Franco and Anderson Gomes. The case took place in March 2018 and till date, the investigation has not revealed who ordered the crime.

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