Senate Confirms Catherine Tai as Top US Trade Representative – 17/03/2021

US trade deficit widens to $ 68.1 billion in November - 01/07/2021

Washington, 17 March 2021 (AFP) – The United States Senate on Wednesday (17) confirmed Katherine Tai as the chief negotiator and commercial representative in President Joe Biden’s team.

The vote was unanimous (98–0), a rare example of unity in polarized politics in Washington.

A lawyer specializing in trade, who has served as a legislative advisor for years, Tai’s commitment to repairing trade relations with U.S. allies erased by former US President Donald Trump’s hard-line policies Will play the role of representative.

But at her confirmation hearing, she advocated the use of customs tariffs as a valuable negotiating tool and promised to strictly enforce existing trade agreements with China.

The daughter of Taiwanese parents, Tai said she would work to ensure that China fulfills its commitments under a trade agreement signed in January 2020 between Beijing and Washington following a bilateral customs war.

However, he said he was in favor of a “comprehensive review of China” and the United States’ strategy towards the Asian country.

Tai also expressed a desire to end the old conflict between the United States and the European Union over subsidies on the aeronautical sector, resulting in the elimination of mutual customs.

On the other hand, he highlighted the need to reform the World Trade Organization, one of which was a founding member of the United States, but has been hard pressed by the Trump administration.

Officials will also oversee the implementation of the United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement, which he helped reinvest in 2019.

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