Servilio de Oliveira, Aurelio Miguel and Fofao enter Hall of Fame

Servilio de Oliveira, Aurelio Miguel and Fofao enter Hall of Fame

Three Brazilian sporting statues were honored this Saturday (19) during an event held at the Brazilian Olympic Congress, Salvador. The arms and legs of former boxer Servilio de Oliveira, former judoka Aurelio Miguel and former weightlifter Fofao were registered in the Hall of Fame of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB).

Servilio, currently 73 years old, won the first medal in Brazilian boxing history: bronze at the 1968 Mexico City Games. 58-year-old Aurelio was the Olympic champion in 1988 in Seoul (South Korea). Won bronze medal in 1996 Atlanta Olympics (United States).

The 52-year-old Fofao was on top of the Olympic podium three times in the 2008 edition in Beijing (China), once. She also won two bronzes in Atlanta and Sydney (Australia). The former player is the first woman to have her name immortalized in the Hall of Fame in indoor volleyball. Beach volleyball Olympic champions in 1996, Jackie Silva and Sandra Pires were honored in 2018.

Created in 2018, the COB Hall of Fame brings together athletes and coaches who have marked the history of Brazilian sport. In addition to Servilio, Aurelio, Fofao, Jackie and Sandra, the relationship includes Torben Grael (sailing), Vanderli Cordeiro de Lima (athletics), Jose Roberto Guimaraes (volleyball), Hortensia (basketball), Paula (basketball), Chiaki Ishii (judo). , Joaquim Cruz (Athletics), Silvio Padilha (Athletics), Bernardinho (Volleyball), Guilherme Parrás (Sports Shooting), María Lenç (Swimming), Joo do Pulo (Athletics), Adhemer Ferreira da Silva (Athletics), Bernard Ridgemann (Volleyball) ), Nelson Pessoa (horseback riding), Reynaldo Conrad (sailing), Sebastian Quetrin (canoeing), Tetsuo Okamoto (swimming), Zagallo (soccer), Aida dos Santos (athletics), Vladimir Marx (basketball), Rosario Sampio (judo) and Gustavo Borges (swimming).

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