Shocking video shows US baseball injury

Shocking video shows US baseball injury

Manny Machado was injured in a clash between the San Diego Padres and the Colorado Rockies. Photo: Matthew Stockman / Getty Images

If you think baseball is a sport with a low risk of injury because it’s not a contact tool, look at the image of the moment Manny Machado suffered a sprain, which would certainly put him off the field for a while. an unnatural movement.

The Dominican had to skip this Sunday’s game, with the San Diego Padres facing the Colorado Rockies after the pitcher suffered a left ankle injury while running to home base after hitting a low ball.

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In the first round of the match, Machado stepped on the bag without stabilizing himself, could not control his movements and slipped placing his body weight on his bent left ankle, on the ground with obvious signs of pain. left.

The reason for causing so much pain is shown in the video in slow motion. Also Dominican Sergio Alcantara came to the defense of third base instead of Machado.

The medical team looked after the ace, who had to leave the field for assistance due to his inability to support his leg.

As the hours passed, the San Diego Padres reported that “X-rays were negative” and that it was a sprained ankle, although they continued to study more, while some press vehicles continued to speculate about a more serious injury. where surgical intervention would be required.

San Diego, who are runners-up in the Western Conference of the National League, lost to Colorado, who are bottom of the same division, 8 to 3, after a player who served third base.

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