Shopping Addiction: Discover 7 Signs That You, Your Relative or Friend Has the Disorder

Shopping Addiction: Discover 7 Signs That You, Your Relative or Friend Has the Disorder

Shopping Addiction – According to statistics from the World Health Organization, about 8% of the world’s population has oniomania. Despite not being the subject of much debate here in Brazil, shopping addiction damages and compromises the quality of life of many people. So, we will talk today (05/03) Blog Guide to Ex Negatives7 signs that indicate a person may be shopping addiction and other important information. Follow up!

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What is characteristic of oniomania or shopping addiction?

Shopping addiction is a type of compulsive disorder. This illness usually occurs when the individual cannot resist the pressure to buy, leading to financial loss and guilt. This disease called onychomania mainly affects women.

Compulsive shoppers look for forms of satisfaction in purchases that satisfy other needs, anxiety, and reduce physical and psychological discomfort.

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Therefore, people who suffer from this disease usually suffer damage to other areas of life, especially relationships with close people.

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Signs and symptoms of shopping addiction

According to information from the website of psychotherapist Aline Rangel, there are some indications that a person may be suffering from compulsive consumption, see:

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  • receiving unnecessary items, often repeated;
  • Trying to eliminate sadness and disappointment in shopping;
  • Taking on more debt than you can pay off;
  • take out a loan to cover other expenses;
  • Lying, ignoring and hiding debt and overspending;
  • fighting with family members for excessive consumption; And
  • Social distancing.

What contributes to the emergence of compulsive shopping

Several factors can contribute to the emergence of compulsive buying. See some examples:

emotional illness

Emotional disorders play a cause-and-effect role in compulsive shopping behavior. In this sense, it is very important to consult a professional to understand whether this is your case.

feeling of loneliness

Surprisingly, feelings of loneliness can trigger excessive buying.

This is because people living in this state need to maintain constant contact with other people so that they do not feel lonely.

Hence, they frequent places like malls, fairs and other environments which provide contact with others.

social environment and cultural

The social and cultural environment where a person lives also contributes to the development of compulsive behavior. Thus, the more a person is motivated to buy, the more More likely It turns into something negative and harmful.

Is there any treatment for this type of disorder?

There is a treatment for oniomania. To treat this disorder, doctors perform a psychiatric evaluation to diagnose problems related to the problem.

In this sense, people who suffer from the condition are usually depressed, anxious, and reach out to clinics in need of medication to help with the process.

In addition, it is very important to initiate therapy to reduce the patient’s impulsivity and other behavioral problems.

Finally, now that you know a little more about the signs that a person may be shopping addictionIn the following video, see how to use biblical advice to improve your personal finances. Check it out below.

8 Biblical Advice That Could Go Towards Your Personal Finances

Did you know that there are many Bible advice about money? is sleep. In the end some people are surprised by this, but the fact is that some passages of the Bible directly touch on the subject. In addition, it is not uncommon for some people to learn a little more about money, looking for answers in these Bible lessons.

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As such, it is also worth noting that these quotes do not need to be useful to this audience only, as they can encompass all individuals who wish to pursue financial education in their lives. So, in the video, therefore, some teachings that should be followed by those who want to have a better relationship with money.

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