Simplicity: NASA’s helicopter successfully activated on Mars

Simplicity: NASA's helicopter successfully activated on Mars

Mini helicopter Simplicity The Martian is officially touching the soil. Vehicle that was connected to the investigation Firmness, Was released to be moved alone this Saturday (3).

According to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which takes care of the mission and was responsible for building the robot, the process involved a fall of about 10 cm from the “belly” of the fixture, Where the helicopter was stored, Until it reaches dry land without damage.

The next challenge involves surviving alone on the planet. A 1.8-kg vehicle with a rechargeable battery is required to use the system for the first time to keep it warm during the cold night of Mars – before that, Shared the energy of the investigation itself. JPL also published a photograph that was taken by Perseverance, which now shows the independent object.

The first Ingenuity flight through Mars is scheduled for April 11, and captured materials and data will arrive at the Ingenuity team. NASA The next day on Earth. The helicopter is the first in its category to fly from Earth and has two cameras, as well as sensors to assist during the flight.

The helicopter aims to test forms of aerial control on another planet, in addition to capturing photos and videos of Mars from other perspectives.

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