Sir Elton John considered it convenient to live in a ‘nice house’ during the lockdown

Sir Elton John considered it convenient to live in a 'nice house' during the lockdown

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Sir Elton John recognized his rights after spending months in strictly locked living in a “nice home with a garden.”

IM Still Standing Singer was forced to stop her farewell Yellow Brick Road tour earlier this year because the coronavirus epidemic sent the world into lockdown.

This meant that 73-year-old Sir Elton was able to spend more time with his husband David Furnish and their sons Zachary and Elijah than ever before.

Speaking about his privilege, the music icon said on the BBC’s The One Show: ‘I’m more fortunate than most people because I have a nice house, a nice garden and a lot of people don’t have that luxury and heart. Goes to everyone who can’t. ‘

However he acknowledged: “It simply came to our notice then. It was a strange time. We were in the middle of an express train journey that came to a halt, but we got it and there’s nothing we can do about it.

“We’ve got a lot of patience right now and hopefully something like this will happen soon and heal people and we can all go back to our jobs and lives.”

“We have to be patient,” he added.

When Sir Elton went to talk to astronaut Tim Peak and reminisced about the Beatles’ performance with the late Beatles legend John Lennon, one of the show’s viewers couldn’t help but be amazed at the singer’s impressive record collection.

Hundreds of vinyls, displayed in Sir Elton’s background, stood in a large floor-to-ceiling buckle.

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Impressed by the display, one viewer tweeted: ‘Well gel of ਟ eltonophysical record collection. Can you ask him how much he has received? ‘

‘Severe Vinyl Jealousy ਵੇਖ Looking at Eltonophysical’s Record Collection !!!’ Another

One viewer joked: “It’s either a terrorist background or Elton John’s largest collection of 10″ vinyl on the planet. ” ‘

‘Can I say that I will kill Sir Elton John for this record?’ Another tweeted.

Another joke said: ‘Elton John does not put his records in the mistakes of the perfect PVC. A human being is a king. ‘

The One Show airs weekly nightly on BBC One.

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