Sir Tom Hunter donates 1 million to dementia charities after watching online music performances

Sir Tom Hunter donates 1 million to dementia charities after watching online music performances

Scottish billionaire Sir Tom Hunter has donated 1 1 million to a dementia charity after watching a music online music performance.

The businessman was so impressed by the former music teacher, Paul Harvey, that he immediately swore to stop the money.

Paul, a clip from the 80’s, went viral after a piece of music based on just four notes went viral when his son, Nick, posted online to show how musical ability can prevent memory loss.

Sir Tom, who lost both his parents to Alzheimer’s, said the performance “shone the curtain.”

Speaking via video link to BBC Breakfast and Harvey, he said: “My wife and I were very impressed when we saw your wonderful piece at BBC Breakfast and you woke up at a time when people were looking for the gospel. First the relationship between father and son and then the relationship with music.

Paul Harvey and his son Nick spoke to Sir Tom on the BBC.

“So my wife Marion and I want to help you by donating a million pounds from the Hunter Foundation to help people get rid of Alzheimer’s.

“We truly believe that music is the key. We really believe you’re on something and we really want to help.

“In this confusion some things never change and the things that never change are the love of a father to his father and the love of a son to his father.”

Mr. Tom made a huge donation after seeing Mr. Harvey’s amazing performance on TV.

Fighting with tears, Mr. Harvey replied: “This is great. Thanks so much. I didn’t think I could be so motivated now but I can.

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Sir Tom added: “My wife Marion and I were lying on the bed and the piece came and it was like something special.

“So my father was and is my hero. It really resonated with me as I lost both my mom and my dad to Alzheimer’s.

“We decided we weren’t going to be the richest people in the cemetery, and indeed it was directed by Andrew Carnegie, who said you have to do something with your money when you’re alive.”

Mr. Harvey’s piano clip went viral.

Sreesanth, a musician from Backstead, Sussex, was diagnosed with dementia late last year but has been able to play piano pieces from memory – as well as create a new one.

His son said his father’s “old party trick” was to request four random notes and then compose a song.

In the video, Nick chooses F Natural, A, D and B Natural to play his father.

The clip went viral and the show was then aired on Radio 4.

Sir Tom’s amazing donation will be distributed to the Alzheimer’s Society and Mr. Music Zick for Dementia.

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