Skate will have its first Olympic training center in SP by the end of 2022

Skate will have its first Olympic training center in SP by the end of 2022

Sitting volleyball was introduced at the Arnhem Paralympics (Netherlands) in 1980. A consistent phase, as the sport emerged in 1956 for the resettlement of soldiers in Dutch territory, included the addition of “traditional” volleyball. sitting ball, game of German origin (also targeted for people with disabilities). Some rules are the same (like sitting) and others not so much: No sitting ballThe ball can bounce on the ground.

There are similarities between seated and “traditional” volleyball. In both, the dispute is in a best-of-five set, with the team winning three of them winning, always with a minimum margin of two points to the opponent. The first four sets end when one of the teams reaches 25 points. The last one, which . is called tie break, Goes up to 15 points.

In seated volleyball, unlike “traditional”, the serve can be blocked and the net can be struck. However, athletes must remain seated to execute plays.

The number of players on each side of the court is also the same: six. The difference is that they are divided into two classes depending on the degree of disability. In VS1, amputees are players or players with a greater mobility range. Others, with less physical-motor impairment, are found in VS2. Each team’s squad can only have two VS2, and they cannot be on the court at the same time – which is ten meters long by six meters wide, with net heights ranging from 1.05 meters (women’s) to 1.15 meters (women’s). Is. I (male).

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Brazil competes in volleyball at the Paralympics since the 2008 Games in Beijing (China), when the men’s team finished sixth. Four years later, in London (United Kingdom), the country was present in both men’s and women’s competitions: the country finished fifth in both. At Rio 2016, the women’s team won its first Brazilian medal in modality, with the men’s team finishing fourth with bronze.

Brazil loses bronze to Egypt in men's volleyball

Among men, Iran is the most victorious country, having won six Paralympic gold medals and two silver medals in the last eight editions. The Netherlands and Bosnia-Herzegovina, both two-time champions, complete the list of titles. The third European conquest took place in Toronto (Canada) in 1976, but, at the time, the modalities as an exhibition were disputed. Among women, which began to be played only at the 2004 Games in Athens (Greece), China won the tournament three times, but lost to the United States in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.


The women’s team will be the first team to play in Tokyo. On 27th (Friday) at 6:30 am (Brasilia time), the Brazilian players will take on Canada. At 8:30 a.m. on the 29th, he encounters Japanese hostesses. The opponents will compete with the Italians on the 31st at 10 pm. The first two of the group advance to the semi-finals, which will take place on 3 September. The gold will be decided on the 5th.

The men’s team will debut against China on the 28th at 6:30 am. The opponent will be Iran, the current world and Paralympic champions, on the 30th at 8:30 am. The next day, at 2 a.m., the Brazilians measure forces with Germany. If they qualify, their semi-final duel will take place on 2 September, with the final on the 4.

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