Skip the start and move on. Netflix button used 136 million times a day

Skip the start and move on.  Netflix button used 136 million times a day

FHi Five years ago Netflix introduced the ‘Skip Intro’ button on its service which, as its name implies, allows users to skip the opening scene of the series they are watching.

Now, in 2022, Netflix notes that this button is pressed 136 million times a day, which has already helped members ‘save’ a total of 195 years of time that occupied the series’ opening on the service. Will go

The development of this button was the subject of some consideration by Cameron Johnson, Netflix’s Director of Product Innovation. Publication on the company’s official blog, The executive notes that he came up with the idea for this button while watching “Game of Thrones,” noting that despite the series being an interesting start, he noted that it was particularly long and that it did not work well for the story. Break the immersion.

Johnson noted that “Trying to manually jump to the right time at the beginning of the episode was frustrating”, indicating that sometimes it moves too far and sometimes it doesn’t move far enough. It was this experience that made the executive think about how to improve the experience for service members.

“We did our research and found that in 15% of cases, members jumped on time within the first five minutes of the series. This gave us confidence to say that a large number of viewers preferred to ignore the introduction.”executive says.

After several iterations of the functionality, Netflix decided to implement the button in only 250 series in the US, UK and Canada and, “Great Membership”The company eventually expanded the option to all TVs and mobile devices where it was available in August 2017.

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“Over the past five years, it’s heartening to see how ‘Skip Intro’ has become a beloved feature adopted by many other streaming services, thus bringing additional moments of joy to viewers around the world.”can be read in the publication.

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