SmileDirectClub Launches New Lifetime Smile Guarantee™, Expansion of Oral Telehealth.

More than 85 percent of people in the world are struggling with some form of malocclusion, according to an independent study. Malocclusion is defined by the imperfect position of teeth when our jaws are closed, leading to discomfort while degrading the overall oral health of the individual.

SmileDirectClub was founded as the first end-to-end telehealth solution for premium oral care to help solve that crisis. Having already helped more than one million customers to transform their smiles through the innovative SmileDirectClub telehealth platform, the team at SmileDirectClub is proud to unveil the newest expansion of their service offerings, the Lifetime Smile Guarantee™.

Introducing the Lifetime Smile Guarantee™

Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer is the Chief Clinical Officer for SmileDirectClub. One of the leaders in the roll-out of the Lifetime Smile Guarantee™, Dr. Sulitzer was quick to underscore just how imperative continued maintenance is for the overall health of our mouth and teeth. Speaking on the new Lifetime Smile Guarantee™, Dr. Jeffrey Sulitzer stated, “Teeth naturally move throughout a person’s life, even after completing any teeth-straightening service.”

To accommodate not just the needs of shoppers today but the needs of customers tomorrow, SmileDirectClub unveiled their industry-first offering on World Health Day. World Health Day is an annual celebration that seeks to highlight important topics in health and wellness, providing an ample opportunity for education to take hold and better care to get offered as a result.

To qualify for the Lifetime Smile Guarantee™, customers must adhere to a simple list of guidelines:

  • Complete Clear Aligner Therapy with SmileDirectClub
  • Order Two Retainers Per Year Through Subscription
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Customers who qualify for the Lifetime Smile Guarantee™ will receive one free set of aligners every year if their prescribing orthodontist or dentist approves.

The Lifetime Smile Guarantee™ offers many advantages.

  • Risk-Free Refund Within 30 Days
  • Lifetime of Post-Treatment Touch-ups
  • Aligner Touch-ups During Treatment

John Sheldon is the Chief Marketing Officer at SmileDirectClub, and he was effusive in his support of the Lifetime Smile Guarantee™, highlighting the fact that it provides a “tremendous value” to customers of the brand. Sheldon said, “It ensures SmileDirectClub’s premium, doctor-directed treatment is guaranteed for life.”

Innovative Foray into Oral Telehealth

Long before SmileDirectClub unveiled its Lifetime Smile Guarantee™, the company had been helping to make headway in the world of affordable oral care. When compared to traditional braces and aligner brands, SmileDirectClub is priced at a significant reduction. CMO John Sheldon said of SmileDirectClub’s pricing structure, “We pride ourselves on providing (…) a superior customer experience without the 3x markup of our leading competitor.”

An international oral care leader, SmileDirectClub has focused on offering transformative telehealth solutions at an accessible price. When an estimated 80% of individuals could benefit from dental care while only 1% receive it, there is certainly a gap to cover in terms of delivering quality care.

SmileDirectClub makes its products available through several traditional and non-traditional outlets, including the following:

  • More than 1,500 SmileDirectClub Partner Network Locations
  • Directly from SmileDirectClub

All products offered by SmileDirectClub are Made in the USA from BPA-free materials, through precise, smooth, and custom-cut 3D designs. Their Comfort Sense™ technology, which works to lessen the discomfort that could be felt in the gums, is a part of this initiative. SmileDirectClub develops its award-winning products in an FDA-registered, ISO-certified 3D printing facility.

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Each SmileDirectClub aligner purchase comes with custom-fit aligners at a cost of up to 60% less when compared to competitors. The process of safely and gradually shifting teeth through SmileDirectClub aligners can take between four and six months.

About SmileDirectClub

As the first medtech platform and next-generation oral care company, SmileDirectClub has committed itself to help customers around the world achieve their goals through a healthier, happier, and straighter smile.

Interested parties can find out if they are the right match for a SmileDirectClub clear aligner system by partaking in a free 30-second Smile Assessment. When compared to traditional braces, SmileDirectClub can help shoppers save up to 60% on their purchase.

SmileDirectClub is currently headquartered in Nashville, TN, with operations throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Spain, Singapore, and Australia.

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