Solapur: Seed destruction has to be avoided! Chimukali of ‘Shri Siddheshwar’ will make ‘modern sowing machine’

Solapur: Seed destruction has to be avoided!  Chimukali of 'Shri Siddheshwar' will make 'modern sowing machine'

Solapur: Seed destruction has to be avoided! Chimukali of ‘Shri Siddheshwar’ will make ‘modern sowing machine’



Solapur Students of Shri Siddheshwar Balmandir Primary School have been selected for the Inspire Award District Level Science Exhibition organized by the Department of Science and Technology, Central Government. Science Exhibition is organized by Maharashtra State Institute of Science, Nagpur. Pawan Yashwant Sindagi, a student under the guidance of school teachers, came up with the idea of ​​making a ‘modern sowing machine’ to save the seeds of Baliraja while sowing.

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Both Shreyas Swamy and Aryan Dhavane will help him in making the device. This device will be made under the guidance of school science teacher Saraswati Batale. Shri Siddheshwar Devasthan Education Committee Chairman Dharmaraj Kadadi, Senior Member of Education Committee V.B. Barhanpure, Bhimashankar Patne, Mallikarjun Kalke, Gururaj Malge, Dr. Rajasekhar Yelikar, Chief Executive Officer C.B. Nadgowda, Coordinator Santosh Patil and School Principal Geeta Chikmani congratulated the successful students. Even before this, uncontrolled traffic of Shri Siddheshwar Balmandir Primary School, in city Awareness activities have been conducted on various topics including environment.

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Suggested concept…

Pawan Sindgi’s father is a farmer. they are experimental farmers The wind had seen the panchayat only at the time of sowing. Traditional sowing often results in more seeds falling in one place, ruining the seeds. This also increases the cost of seeds and affects the yield. Pawan got this information from his father. Pawan, a class VI student, decided to find a solution and decided to build a modern sowing machine. Pawan believes that the machine will drop two seeds at one place so that the seeds will not be wasted and the yield will be better. He has now taken over the task of building a machine to make his concept a reality.

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