Something was lost in the translation of The Spirit translation. About 15 thousand people want a new version

Something was lost in the translation of The Spirit translation.  About 15 thousand people want a new version

The petition for a new dubbing of the Disney film “Soul”, which features a black protagonist for the first time, already has around 15,000 signatures. The original version of the animated film, which portrays the African-American community, features the voices of black actors, but in Portugal, dubbing was performed by white actors, including the protagonist played by the protagonist Morgato.

Creators of, without questioning the quality of the folding PetitionIn the middle of which is Pedro Coquenho, with whom he spoke TSF, Says he does not want to “color the voices” that are heard during the film’s 101 minutes, but warns that the message is very important, not least because it is “not just another animated film” .

The composer, born in Humbo, Angola, explains that it was “many years of work for many people”, which, in the United States, gave the film a heightened impact and, despite it, a “universal story” – and despite “a dubbing” The Portuguese do very well “- something” lost “in translation.

“Soul” portrays the African American community as “those who represent the community” and which has enabled the creation of a “more accurate and representative” outcome after years of dialogue and interactions between actors and people. But in Portugal, he cries, the film was seen as “just another” and thus, lost the opportunity to fix “that which is less well”.

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“This film has the positive accusation that we got a chance to try to balance the lack of representation, especially among actors, which happens around the world and also in Portugal”, he explains in statements TSF.

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