Sonic 2: The Movie – Behind the scenes indicating a cine-series

Sonic 2: The Movie – Behind the scenes indicating a cine-series

With the success of the first film, it was expected that of sound Get a sequel in theaters. The first to express that he wanted a Sonic 2 was actor Jim Carrey, who said in an interview with Jake Hamilton to promote the first feature that he had no problem making a new film with the same character. Won’t: “I wouldn’t mind doing another thing because it was so much fun and it was a real challenge to convince people that that” [Robotnik] He has an IQ of 300… there’s a lot to explore, and Robotnik hasn’t reached its peak.”

The information took everyone by surprise, considering that Carey has already expressed several times that she doesn’t like working on the sequel. Soon after, the director Jeff Fowler In March 2020 it became public saying that he planned to make a sequel that included more game elements than the first film, while actor James Marden said he was hired to do several Sonic the Hedgehog sequels Was.

Fowler’s idea for the sequel was to explore Sonic and Tails’ friendship and develop Dr.Robotnik as the series’ villain and be the “base” for a much wider universe, given that the first film came with a very simple premise and placed Bluebeard and the Scientist in the “pre-hero” and “pre-villain” period. In addition, they “immediately” also wanted to include Knuckles in the film, and because of this the team believed that it was necessary to have Master Emerald in the feature film as well, noting that a won’t work without the other.

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to happen Master Emerald, he also decided to include the Chaos Emeralds, but gave them a new origin and a different connection to the giant gem. Along with adding gems, the development team also saw an opportunity to keep Super Sonic during the final fight, which took fans by surprise.

Filming began in December 2020 and took place in Vancouver, Canada and Hawaii in the United States. Recording ended on June 25, 2021. The computer graphics visuals were created in partnership by Blur Studios. marza animationBoth subsidiaries of SEGA that are responsible for many of the video scenes for the game Azulão.

It is worth noting that this time the budget was also more. The first feature was $95 million, while Sonic 2 was $125 million.

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