Sony closes film with Will Smith after Oscar controversy

Sony closes film with Will Smith after Oscar controversy

Will Smith’s life isn’t easy after the episode where he slapped Chris Rock in the face during the Oscars. In addition to running the risk of losing the statue and resigning from his position at the Academy, the iconic actor sees his future productions hampered.

according to this Hollywood Reporter, Netflix halted production of the film “Fast and Loose”, and one of the reasons was the controversy over the award. The film was intended to tell the story of a crime boss who loses his memory after an attack, only to find that he was living a double life as a millionaire criminal kingpin and a bankrupt CIA agent.


Production of “Fast and Lose” just days before the Oscars, would have lost its director. David Leach reportedly left the project to direct the “Fall Guy” film series with Ryan Gosling. And just as Netflix wondered what to do with the project, Will Smith stormed the Oscars stage for totally hitting Chris Brown in the face. With that, Netflix may have put the project on the fridge for a moment, without any predictions as to when it will be taken off the drawing board.

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And it doesn’t stop here, another feature that would have been missed was ‘Bad Boys 4’. Sony’s franchise returned in 2020 and was about to get a sequel with Will Smith and according to sources, he had received some drafts of the script earlier as well. However, the project is at a standstill and there is no expected return.

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As of now, none of the studios have commented on the matter. Some sources heard by the press in the United States cite the possibility of Netflix moving forward with another lead actor.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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